PMP Exam Simulators

You must be able to apply your knowledge, experience, and understanding on PMBOK to answer 200 very difficult scenario based questions to show proficiency to pass the exam.  These questions have more than one seemingly correct answer, and you are required to pick the ‘most correct’ answer of those listed – understanding how PMI perceives the best option.

The best thing you can do is to take as many high-quality practice exam questions as you can.   If you are going to run a marathon, you are going to practice running.  The same thing is true for taking the PMP exam, you must practice taking exams.

There are a lot of exam simulators out there, but many of them do not represent the in-depth scenario based questions you will see on the exam.    The following exam simulators offer very realistic questions and in-depth explanations:

PM Exam Simulator
The PM Exam simulator gives you immediate access to 1,800 realistic PMP exam sample questions in 9 exams. Question style and difficulty match closely what you can expect to see on your actual exam.

PM Aspire
Offers up to 3000 questions, flashcards, and other study options.

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